In the last few days the extension and changes of the “Lockdown Light” in Germany have been announced. The decision that we were actually already expecting was taken: the lockdown will be extended and we can imagine that the existing measures will go further into January and maybe even beyond.

Of course we are not very happy about this. It means a lot of communication with the men who have booked, rebookings and so on. And most importantly, the disappointment of those of you who were looking forward to a nice workshop and a sensual Winter Eros Retreat…

If you are one of these people, we will get in touch with you on Monday once we upload new events on our calendar for you to choose from. We are grateful to everyone who is able to rebook – it supports our current situation and we can already say that we are giving everything so that we will have a great 2021 together!

Now more than ever we are looking forward to spring. We expect that the curve will flatten out and that the situation will relax due to the possibility of vaccinations.

We are currently writing the Massage Practitioner Training program and will have a very nice calendar in 2021 that will compensate us all for the time we have lost. Ahau!