Since the beginning of the pandemic, whenever I thought about traveling for any reason, I would quickly ask myself: „I wonder if I can actually go there? What kind of documents would I need? And what about coming back? There should be a website for all of this…“ Well, good news is: there is one!

First, find a flight as you normally would, then head to and input your flight details (day and destination) plus your travel documents (what kind of passport you have) and the site will tell you all the info you need: whether you have to quarantine or not and for how long, whether you need to have a negative test (and what kind of test), a filled out form and so on. Both for your trip there and for the way back and not only it works for Covid related issues but it also can tell you whether you need a visa or not.

Super handy, isn’t it?

Now you can try to plan some holidays with less stress (I can tell you that here at the GLS office someone is already thinking about it… 😉), and use this tool to also check what you need to join one of our upcoming workshops from the calendar, in Germany or elsewhere.

For example: the Canary Islands are fairly easy to reach at the moment, so Shiva’s Temple might be a great idea… check it out!