Dear brothers, JULY 5th to 7th i offer EROS LIBERATION in MUNICH. This is the first workshop I ever created myself 8 years ago and I still like it very much. It is soft and playful but it goes very deep. It is good for beginners but also for advanced men to rediscover playfulness and connect to their inner child. MUNICH in SUMMER is beautiful and we will have a great time indoor and outdoor.


Today i had a very powerful insight during the final sharing of GAY TANTRA DELIGHT in COLOGNE which was an AMAZING workshop with beautiful men. In the core these workshops are about becoming MORE HUMAN. We are one of the most sexual and sensual species, it is a big part of our nature to be sexual and sensual with each other. So when these things are allowed and welcome in a safe space all our other human gifts are shining more. WE become more loving, more kind, more sensitive to others and their needs, we become more generous and more grateful to life. WE FEEL WELL, A PART OF CREATION THAT KNOWS WHERE IT BELONGS. I had this experience in many workshops and retreats and today I understood how deeply connected these elements are.

I LOVE TO SUPPORT YOU ON THIS JOURNEY, to become more connected to your nature and ultimately becoming more HUMAN. YOU COME FROM LOVE, YOU ARE LOVE and YOU ARE HERE TO EXPRESS JOY AND BEAUTY.

I hope to meet you soon in EROS LIBERATION MUNICH or any other Workshop or RETREAT. I LOVE YOU. THORsten

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