It’s been almost a year since fear began to control our minds and thoughts. Some fight it and refuse to cooperate, others consume news, scenarios and disasters – the pandemic, the economic situation and the memories. There seem to be only two opposing ways of looking at the situation. But both sides fear the future. And fear is a form of love. We fear for our lives and our loved ones’, we fear for our freedom and we fear touch. There is no fear without love!

 We, as part of the gay collective of men who sexually enjoy other men, were faced with something similar not so long ago. We were in the forefront of another pandemic that many in the western society felt like was none of their business. I would like to talk about a few of the reactions to the AIDS crisis. The first was that all those who were fighting the system (the pharmaceutical one and the political one) were acknowledging the disease and responding with recognition, funding, education and research, moving from fear to anger/love. At the same time, these same people were also looking for new creative ways to relate, to find intimacy, and the neotantra movement was growing, to explore and look for ways to love without fear. To move from fear to love. In this crisis we are not alone, we are not segregated, but we have experience in loving without ignoring fear. To connect with each other and care for ourselves and our loved ones. We have a lot to teach.

Fear is a problem when we can’t breathe, when we freeze, hide, attack. However, it can also be an opportunity if we act out of love and look for creative ways to keep on living, not fighting the fear of others but giving it a twist, a smile.

Imagine a workshop where the room is separated by a woolen blanket. You lay with your face on one side of the blanket and the rest of your body on the other side.

On one side you get a frontal and genital massage (from whom?), and on the other side someone treats your head with various kinds of stimulation: sound, sight, smell. It’s intimate and fun, and by taking a few precautions it could even be somewhat Corona-safe.

It can happen – it happened in Summer Evolution 2020. Love is the answer.

Let’s celebrate life.

Happy New Year,