Dear Brothers of GLS, I like to tell you about the last Gran Tantra Island. Love Thorsten:

Everybody was really happy during the retreat. It was very intimate in a small group. This time we were suposed to be 12, but somehow some men got sick just days before the workshop and could not travel. Hanns, who organized the whole retreat got also sick and he could not join. We missed him a lot.

Everybody had an amazing time and process in the group, this is what all men said, after the retreat. The connection and process gets much deeper.

For me it was the first time back 2017 with Lulu, to do a workshop on the Island. Hanns was also helping us. Since we found a new place at ecoTara in the mountains of Maspalomas near the village Fataga, we are very happy about it.

Our small group room with a fantastic view to Fataga

The weather was perfect for the workshop. It was hot during the day and fresh during the nights to cool down a bit.

We where now the second time here and it was even more relaxed, since the owner Sella knows us now much better. The connection to the place was just magic again. Sella and the team made us (again) amaizing and loving food! Sella and her team from the ecoTara are angels!

Sella (in the middle) and “her” angels

We did a lot of connecting with nature, silent walk, body massage, full body massage, meditations and group work.

Magic food was served

We did a lot of long massage sessions. Demonstration and repeating helped us a lot. Often I did two demonstrations of the same massage, just to show all the details of tantric massage. The aim was a full body massage including genital and anal massages. We took it all very easy and joyful.

I guided all the sessions on my own. Miguel was also helping a lot and we could also feel the spirit of Hanns being with us. We missed him a lot!

We started with a morning session of about one hour and then having a beautiful breakfast all together. We also took nice breaks after our lunch. We jumped into the pool. In the afternoon we did another long session and after dinner we joined together for the evening sessions.

Relaxing Break

the new big group room

One evening we did a nice cuddle ritual! We watched old massage videos around early 90s of Joseph Kramer and cuddled up to watch them together. This videos are really an art piece and are nice to watch in the group. We had a lot of fun watching them together! – Yes this was our movie evening.

The next morning we did a Ceremony with San Pedro (Wachuma) in a homeopathic form. Wachuma is a sacred Cactus that has been used since many generations for healing and connecting with the divine and the heart. We were all deeply touched how profound the experience was even with just being with the frequency of the Medicine. The whole day was inspired and guided by the Spirit of Wachuma. At the end of this day we had some very deep heart sharings that surprised me with the heart and soul quality that every man brought in.

Sight to the main house

All together we had a really amazing journey.

After the retreat we all moved downhill to Maspalomas to stay in a gay resort for a couple of more days. And what a suprise the Gran Canaria Carneval was ongoing! So many crazy costumes and people on the road! Wonderful to watch and be part of this with the group. There were around 300.000 people there with endless trucks. You could feel the vibration of the vulcano. It was hot and crazy.

The Yumbo Center became one big dancefloor. “Highway to Hell”!

It was very good to stay with the group in the “after workshop” mode. We did every morning a heart sharing together and stayed connected all the time!

NAMASTE Thorsten