In this series of posts, trainers of the summer evolution festival will introduce themselfs and there sessions.

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This year Hanns will offer you various workshops at the festival.

You can read about my tantric work also here and here my profile

TAO Kungfu

How to keep your sexual energy high and be a better lover?

Beginners workshop in Tao Kung-Fu.
In this workshop we will learn ho to harness our sexual energy in our everday life through simple exercises. The exercises my help us to archive longer lasting love making and keep the sexual flow open in our everday life.

Quantum Light Breath Meditation

Hanns will lead you in a very powerful and refreshing dynamic meditation (from Jeru Kabbal). Utilising the breath he will guide you to an awesome self-experience.

LINGAM Meditation

Hanns will show you a different way of meditation. This time we use your LINGAM (Penis) for a meditation form of its extra class. The meditation will be shown and exercised with respect, awareness and mindfullness. A differend kind of experience.

The Multi-Organsmic Universe or TAO KUNGFU II

Meditation Ritual

In this workshop I would like to push “TAO KUNG-FU” exercises a bit further to show how to become a multi-orgasmic man. I will show serveral ways to exersices on your own body and with a partner. Be prepared to enter a complete new universe!

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