Tao Kung Fu is a very small part of the treasures that the Tao masters where practicing begining 4th century BC.

Just to say the answer straight away. Tao Kung Fu as we think in tantra, is not martial arts!

Tao is basically a tradition before the traditional chinese medicine appeared. So the knowledge it is well over 3000 years old. The word Kung Fu means in the old tradition “to practice”. TAO can be translated as “the path”.  So we use this old knowledge in our tantra workshops and seminars.

Of course this is only a very small part of the knowlegde of tao masters, but for us as tantric teachers, we can teach ways to practice and stay sexual healthy. Tao masters do not see the practice as “sexual” rather then a exercise to stay healthy in body AND mind.

What we teach is simple exercises to practice on your own, with your partner or in groups. This exercises will teach you to have orgasm without ejaculating. The reason to do this, is to “not releasing” sperm as the most valuable “product” what we can produce in our bodies. Taos are more strict then we as tantric teachers, of course. Our goal is to have a long lasting and healthy erection until old age. To reach this, daily exercises are recommended. We show not only how the orgasm is related to ejaculation. We show ways to stay below the point of ejaculation, also what is widely known as the “Point of No Return”. There are several techniques to help you to stay in your sexual energy, this techniques are breathing, massage, pressure and release and your body positions.

We also offer rituals for a group practice in our workshops.

If you interesting in learning Tao Kung Fu, just join us in one of your workshops.

I also recommend further reading from Mantak Chia. He is translating the old knowledge into a “modern” way, with a lot of exercises.