Love coaching has had its first inaguration ritual.

We gathered to look closely at our desires, put them all in a pot and stir together our wishes and make them reality.

Our desires are unique to us still we all want the same; Love and intimacy, fulfill our abilities and talents, overcome difficulties and be healthy. However, They are unique because each one of us has to find his way and to overcome his patterns to reach their goals. We all need to say goodbye to somethings and welcome others.

Through the evening, we connect to those desires through systemic ritual constellation, looking closely at our desires, exploring our emotions. we then had a beautiful meal for our soul and stomach.

It was magical to see how people put their intentions in the center. How we can support each other and give strength to one another, each with his challenges. For me it was surprising to see how deep a ritual can be when it is combine with intimacy, touch and food. Our group was very playful and honest. Just before eating we realized it was the world meditation day. We wanted to connect to all those people by connecting with our self. We did the heart meditation to close the workshop. Inviting new energies and strength and saying goodbye to old habits and things that don’t serve us anymore.

We will repeat this rituals till all our dreams come true. Tune in to the next love coaching workshop.