Last July, in between lockdowns, we managed to squeeze in a Sexperience workshop – it was the first in a long time and therefore a special one for everyone. We are now in a similar situation, where life is coming back and we have the possibility to host workshops again… so while we wait for the end of July for the next Sexperience, you can revisit what happened last year through Moxe’s story. Links and dates at the end of the article!

Wow, this workshop was special in so many ways… Covid19 has taken us all by surprise: some of got sick or had sick friends, many of us had to survive a long lockdown and economic uncertainty. As gay men many of us live alone or with our partner…. two options that can really challenge us, create crisis, foster loneliness and anxiety.

The decision to hold the workshop was hard but we in GayLoveSpirit were determined to make it work and decided to create a small workshop: taking into consideration the rules and recommendations we created an intimate group to explore our body and our sexuality.

Four days of building a group of support and mutual help, with real beautiful openhearted people. We were going deep, recognizing what arouses us, being ready to receive and surrender without feeling guilty. Discovering the pleasure of a prostate massage, whether you have a prostate or don’t (yeah, there is pleasure in the anus even if you had your prostate removed – this kind of surgery is not uncommon among men over 50 years old).

We went deep into old patterns, old traumas and beliefs that keep us from enjoying sex to the fullest. To me one of the most interesting things was how we all brought up trying to blend in, not to be too feminine, too loud, not challenging our family and friends. This has many consequences: who are we attracted to? How do we behave or not behave? What kind of things do we allow ourselves to do in bed?

The tension between masculinity and femininity has its resonance in most of us – accepting it not only in the mind but also in the body is liberating and makes us happier. Are you embarrassed when you go out with your gay friends and they act super campy around your straight friends? Is there a sexual practice you avoid or are embarrassed to propose?

In this Workshop we invite you to explore all of the sides that you have been hiding, in the past and today… we are very happy to discover them with you!

Sexperience returns 29th of July – 1st of August. Head over to the event page for more info and to book your place, or write an email to if you have any question.