The first Gran Tantra Island is over!

The first time we spend 4 days at the new discovered retreat in the mountains of Maspalomas near the lovely and small village Fataga. The EcoTara retreat was overwhelming us in all our expectations. Not only the nature and the quietness is magic. The place build with care and love made us feel welcome and home. The loving and caring team around the owner Sella is awesome! There are many fruit trees and Sella invited all guest to eat whatever attracts us right from the tree or vegetable garden. Every time of the year there will be something ripe due to the climate of the Island.

In the outside kitchen they prepared mostly fruits and vegetables that grew organically on their own soil at EcoTara. All was arranged with love and great cooking magic by Sylvia and her Team. We never experienced such awesome food in our retreats. We enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner for these days.

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About the workshop

THORsten, Miguel and I arrived a day earlier to prepare everything that we need for the workshop. As we arrived it was dark already and we could not see the full beauty yet.


We had the big “main house” with 4 rooms and a big „livingroom“ for us. Around the „main house“ there are other buildings with guest houses.

So we prepared the big room as the room for the group activities. We had mattresses and plenty of cushions. THORsten prepared the alter with all the spiritual and Energy work tools.

We went out for dinner to Fataga and walked through a wonderful palm grove in 10 minutes. We had a Spanish dinner and walked back.

We enjoyed the night with amazing stars shining over us in complete quietness of this place.

The next days we saw the full magic of this place. As the participants where arriving from all over Europe in different times, we had enough time to show the new arrivals around the place. Since we had late arrivals we decided to start after our dinner together.

Days of full Enjoyment and Relaxation

The next 4 Days were long and intense, filled with meditation, massages, talks, movement, sharings, walks in nature and more. The men found also a lot of time to sleep and recharge their batteries in the silence of the mountains. Everybody felt grounded and energised after the retreat.

After the Workshop

Yes, and after the workshop we moved down to Playa del Ingles for another week of sun and relaxation. We landed in a complete different world of a Gay Bungalow Resort. With pool, many other gays around and of course the way to Yumbo or the Dunes where just within walking distance.

We made group meetings and sharings just to come together and made optional plans together. Some drove up again to the montains for a quick visit to San Bartolome or other destinations. Some where walking to the dunes to enjoy the sand and shadows there and to look for Bonobos (gay men behaving as our very sexual brother of the animal kingdom).

At the Pool

We made plans for the evenings to go out for dinner. Or just relax and read a book on the pool (pool water was salty and very refreshing!).

A Retreat for Soul and Heart

All of us where overwhelmed of the place, the good food, the warm welcome and we all enjoyed the days in the sun and dunes of Maspalomas together.

Thorsten, Miguel and I decided to just book right away the places again. So in March 2019 we will be there again!! (We will announce it soon!)

We hope to see you there!