It was a sunny Saturday morning in Kreuzberg. My men had all flown out of town, so I faced the week ahead as temporary widow. I hadn’t had a date for a long time, but this morning I felt a certain urge to do so. So I switched on the blue app.

Immediately I’ve been viewed by a very beautiful big blond. Who is the one who finds me attractive? I am almost twice his age. His pictures radiate joie de vivre, warmth and adventure. 

Now the first message. What is he up to, what is he looking for? I’m sitting on the toilet, as so often with my smartphone lately. It’s not supposed to be so healthy to confront digestion with news from the outside world, but it’s fun, so I do my business here very comfortably. And I felt like having an erotic encounter with this beautiful male specimen of the genus homo sapiens sapiens.

Now comes the next picture with a message, ‘Does that bother you?’ I see a penis with a plastic tube in it. At the end of the tube there is a plastic bag in which there is a little, light-yellow liquid. My upcoming erection immediately collapses.  

It’s interesting how a picture and a question can change the mood so quickly. I am a bit shocked, dismayed, insecure. I look at these pictures again, the man is so beautiful, so graceful, but now this. Yet these are just my prejudices and devaluing about something I know nothing about. Now my curiosity for fetishes comes into play and yes, I answer him, ‘No, it doesn’t bother me.’

He is sweet and very sexy…

As a tantric I always say yes to life. I want to get to know it,  although my brain comments – either the guy is still high from the last party and we’ll then have one of those Chemslut encounters which I’ll quickly want to end and forget, or he is a conscious connoisseur, and in the latter case the encounter could be very nice. I ask him if he’s high right now, he says no, if he was he would have told me of his own accord. Another plus for him. 

That sounds promising, and after we’ve discussed the use of specific safer sex rules, I say yes, I’ll be right over.

I pack my sports clothes, and then ride to the hotel in Stresemannstraße, surrounded by beautiful sunshine. Room 618. I connect my bike to a street lamp and go up. Knock knock. He opens the door, smiles at me, wearing only a pair of underpants. In his left hand he holds the bag, the tube leads into his underpants. He kisses me. We go into the room. Many sneakers and clothes are mixed up, and the hospital packaging of the catheter is in the middle of the tangle. 

A room with a view, he goes to the bed. I strip down to my underpants and sit down on the bed. Up to here it still feels something like a visit to the sick. I put my hand on his stomach. He has beautiful velvety skin, it gives me a pleasure to touch this beautiful belly very slowly and feel this man. He smiles happily as he has found a playmate he likes. 

My erection comes back and he now touches my cock with one hand and holds the tube in the other. We start playing, take off our underpants, and yes, it was his cock in the picture he just sent me. 

The next lesson is to pull the tube all the way out – at the end there is the sound of Plop, and I now feel how flexible the tube is, I play with it a little, and then put it back on and push it in carefully. But first it slips off, Plopp, outside again, I have to hold the dick better and insert the hose tighter. Yes, it’s inside, I can feel the friction of the hose and the friction resistance of his urethra. Fascinating. 

Deeper into it, I am now connected with his innermost, the intimacy increases in every moment. And back again, every movement is a delight for him.

Our cocks get harder, I kiss him, the game takes its course and my enthusiasm rises. He changes position and blows my cock while I insert and remove the tube.

I touch his arse, play with his anus, the other hand on the tube, in, out, moaning, playing with a nipple, anus, tube, oh, how many possibilities this man offers me… I put my dick in position and slowly the dick prepares it’s way ahead. I penetrate slowly into him, I take his arse, missionary position with hose in one hand, in the other his firm cock, my cock conquers his bottom, his lust rises even more. Now I am connected in front and behind with his innermost, my cock massages his prostate, and the hose plays with his bladder. Deeper, more beautiful, firmer, more sensual, I fuck him thoroughly, yes, his body is in ecstasy. 

My body too, I enjoy this game so much. Pausing, doing nothing, the intimacy rises even more, what connection can I now share with this beautiful being. Going on, enjoying the ecstasy, his smile, my smile, our moaning. Slowing down, enjoying, faster, higher, deeper. Earthquake, I pull out my cock, he wanks me off, I play with his hose, I come on his belly.

According to my perception he had a deep, inner orgasm. In the next lesson I would like to learn more about his orgasm with the tube…

We are still chatting, he is part of a weekend meeting of the “I know what I am doing” campaign of the German Aidshilfe, whose ambassadors are currently meeting here in Berlin. I thank him and the DAH for this adventure, get dressed, say goodbye and go on to sport. What a sensual Saturday morning.