We at GayLoveSpirit are proud to deliver a great number of different workshops types all around Europe.

Not that we are working hard on delivering new workshop types to you, we are truly international and take great amount of energy, time and love to create this for you in a save space.

Even regional workshops in Munich and elsewhere in Germany have a great attraction to international participants. The last Munich workshop had participant from Singapur, Denmark and various places up to North Germany.

Our latest workshop creation on „Hypnosis and Eros“ was sold out within 2 weeks.

We are preparing for more innovative workshops around our gay community. It is all secret today, but one hint: “Tantra and Cooking”. Stay tuned and get our Newsletter to stay up to date.


I feel so blessed to work with GayLoveSpirit and work with so great people like Thomas, Thorsten, Moxe and many more.

Summer Evolution Festival

Now at the moment we are working in a team to make our new Sommer Evolution Festival 2019 near Berlin a great success in terms of creating new workshop sessions, have more trainers to join and attracted even more participants all over the world. I am looking forward to this awesome and unforgettable journey.

Thorsten and Hanns preparing for a Workshp

I am also very proud and grateful how we are preparing and deliver this workshops. Most of the times we have 2-4 tied in trainers in a single workshop. The best of all is, that we allow ourself to be part of the group process in a workshop. That allows us to be authentic and truly ourself, when we are in a workshop. In my opinion this is the greatest differentiator to other „Gaytantra“ groups outside the GayLoveSpirit universe.

For me it is the only tantric way.

So lets do more for our faithful gaytantra community.