What does queer mean for you? Can you tell a bit about the queer movement from your own perspective? How are the queer and gay scenes different?
For me queer is a politcal definition of someone who is challenging the concepts of what is gender, what is man and woman, what is gay and straight. For me being queer means to have a broader look on society from a gender perspective. We are living in a male world and as gay men we have the place to acknowledge the harm that patriarchy is doing to the world, affecting it ecologically, politically, and socially, not to speak of all the violence. As a queer man I want to look for a different approach to manhood, that is less destructive to the world, to the women around us, to the gay men around us. And to the future of the world. In Barcelona there is no real queer scene. I consider myself both queer and gay. I’m working with gay men all my life, so it’s hard to say that I don’t consider myself gay.

Being queer is a position where you are not determined to fit in the heterosexual world. I support gay struggle for marriage, but it’s not my struggle. I don’t have the necessity to assimilate. I don’t think marriage is a solution for a healthy social structure. So bringing more people into this institution is not a healthy solution.

I want people to explore and heal their wounds as gay men, but I don’t want them to assimilate. I want to find the uniqueness of this identity and love the ‚faults’ of it. For example there is a sense that in the gay world there is a linear movement from having sex in the club into having a monogamous relationship with a child. I say both of them are equally legit and important that each of us can choose what we really want. Heterosexuals can learn promiscuity and polyamory from us.

I want to connect with other gay men in order to explore more aspects of our identities, in order to enrich our identities and us being more fulfilled with who we are and how we can manifest this in the world.