On the 25th January there will be a SEXCURSION Workshop in Cologne.

It is a very nice and deep opportunity to make your Sexlife more fullfilling and more joyful.

Boost your Sexlife with SexCusion

Gay Sex is changing rapidly all the time since we started, SEXCLUBS, ONLINE DATING and DATING APPS are offering very nice opportunities but also challenges, PREP is changing the safer sex options.
Consent has become a big word for everybody who loves Sex. Lets find out together what we really want and need as a GAY TRIBE and how do we get it while we are respecting our boundaries and fullfil our deepest desires in a safe Space.

Hanns did an Interview with me about SEXCURSION and anothers Workshop I offer in juli in Munich called EROS LIBERATION.

Thorsten tells us more about Eros Liberation and SexCursion:

Eros Liberation – what is it about?
This workshop is all about unfolding, opening and developing. Everybody comes with something else in his luggage: a dream, a desire, a project, a problem. I help the men to unfold whatever wants to be freed and shifted in that weekend.

The unfolding happens in playful and light ways, the inner children and playful animals are invited to come out and celebrate.

How do you do that?
To support the process, I tune into my female side, supporting and welcoming whatever there is. That makes me feel like the erotic and compassionate mother, nurturing everyone in the group.
Is there a standard program of activities? Yes there is, but the program can change from moment to moment, according to the needs of the group body that we all create together.

It’s about erotic healing at multiple levels. We all help to heal each other with our hearts and I’m holding the space where this can happen. In that sense every Eros Liberation Workshop is different. I use all my knowledge and experience as a sacred intimate.
If I put it in one phrase: Join the erotic circle of playful men and grow deep inside, reaching out to the unknown and the infinite.

“I enriched my self-confidence. I gained physical and emotional confidence. I learned to give and receive sexual pleasure, not focusing on fucking.”
“The way Thorsten taught was very soft, tender and spiritual and it was all very satisfactory for me. “

Feedback from Eros Liberation

“It helped me a lot to rediscover my sensuality, to connect to my essence. I hoped the workshop would be more genital and sexual, but later I realised it was just perfect the way it was.”

SexCursion – where does it come from? Most of the content of SexCursion came from the Sexplorers Workshop. One of my teachers and friends Prasand Baidjnath Misier created this workshop and he has run it for many years.

I have assisted him several times in Sexplorers and when he decided to stop sex coaching he invited me to continue teaching this program but under a new name. So we gave it the name “SexCursion”. I am very greatful that Pras gave me all his knowledge. The SexCursion workshop comes very much from a sex coaching approach.

Tell me more about it.
As a group we share a lot of our sex-history and unmask (bring into our conscious mind) our mental programs that are controlling us.
For example we talk about the questions:
Where did we learn about sex? What do we use sex for? How are we sexually wired? What kind of erotic fantasies and judgements does every man of the group have?

Kissing and Huging

This workshop is about deprogramming our old erotic patterns. It is about learning new ways of sex, and the flow of erotic energy. Compared to Eros Liberation it is much more a training about Sex and the sexual energie.

How do you do that?
In facilitating it I use my male qualities more than my female ones. I use the coach in me, the male experienced trainer, the warrior, guiding you to the challenges that will open new doors for your experience with other men.

The structure is pretty fixed. Think of it as a school class where I guide you through and everybody gets something else out of it, depending on your own place on the life journey and your special needs.

“For me this workshop is like an island far away from the normal places where gay people meet. In this place we can inter- change emotions, physical stuff and intellectual and emotional issues.”
“After the workshop I saw the video Shortbus again, and I thought they are all looking for what I experienced in Sexcursion.”
“This workshop gave me the permission to recharge my batteries fully.”
“So the name defines very well what it is. It’s an excursion, sex- ual but in your own body and with the company of the other men.”

Feedback from SexCursion

What is the goal behind it?
SexCursion is also very much about the healing qualities of sexual energy, learning how to raise your sexual energy and use it for healing and energising instead of shooting it out.

One thing that you may experience is separating ejaculation from orgasm which are two very different phenomena that don’t always occur together. This can be learned in many ways, for example in solo and group masturbation exercises.

Compared to Playful Eros, SexCursion will push you more to your limits, confront you with your fears, guilt and shame about sexuality and support you to transform it. If I put it in one phrase: Join the erotic roller- coaster and enjoy the wisdom of the sex coaching circle.

Comments from two partners who did both workshops: “It’s a self discovery journey in the safe space of a group. It’s an intense mixture of erotic experience and finding inner peace: mentally and physically”.

I am looking forward to meeting you again or for the first time in one of my workshops.

Love, THORsten Sheranius