Summer Evolution Festival 2020 was held at the beginning of August and, after some holidays, we are now back in the office and feel like telling you some things about the beautiful gathering we had.

There were a total of 45 people including the team, more or less half the people compared to last year and a bit less international, for obvious reasons. Mostly europeans: from Germany (a lot of Berliners!), Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland & France. We also happily noticed a stronger presence of younger people in their late twenties and early thirties, and since more than two weeks have already passed, we can at this point confirm with 100% certainty that no one got ill during the festival.

The weather was beautiful, hot and sunny and we definitely took full advantage of the lake, skinny dipping and sunbathing in between and after workshops. One inflatable boat even got destroyed in the action, so this should tell you everything!

We had 11 trainers who shared their knowledge with us and taught more than 20 workshops, hosted rituals, ceremonies and lovingly guided us through our processes. Friday night was time for a special performance by Jeremy Wade, who entertained, sang, made us think and feel delightfully uncomfortable taking the role of Puddles the Pelican, a pelican drag queen victim of an oil spill performing every night for a sad audience on a ship cruising on an apocalyptic landscape. On Sunday night we had the Cabaret, an open stage were anyone who felt like it could perform for the group: we had people in drag, dancing, lip synching badly, singing beautifully and showcasing their talents. It was hilarious, over the top and showed us a different side of the participants.

Summer Evolution 2020 was a great, transformative time and I would like to take the time to thank everyone involved: the team, the trainers, the helpers, the kitchen team, the lovely people at Spitzmühle and the participants. Thank you for facing the fear and showing up, it wouldn’t have been the same without anyone of you.

We hope to see your faces again soon and if you were not there this year but would like to join us in 2021, we are happy to announce that the dates have been set: you can check them out and book your place now by clicking here.