Getting up on a stage can be a very intimidating experience for many people. Maybe you are an introvert, lack a little self-confidence, o are just scared of making a fool of yourself in front of strangers. But what if making a fool of yourself was the whole point of it? And what if you were performing not in front of a big crowd of strangers, but for a small handful of like-minded men, whom you’ve built honest connections with?

In this safe setting without judgements and expectations, the experience could reveal itself to be not just simply hilarious but also rather healing. Theater and performance have been used to reduce shyness since ancient Greece, and the more scared you are, the more it is important that you do it! 😉

The queens among us will feel completely in their element, lift you up and motivate you, even help you put a wig on and paint your nails if you want.

So loosen up, leave your shame behind…. and show the world your very own kind of sparkle! 

This workshop is part of our offer for Summer Evolution Festival 2020. To find more info, the complete program and a link to book your ticket, head to the official website. If you have any questions, you can reach us at