After publishing the program for this year’s Summer Evolution Festival, we received feedback by some of you requesting more touch-based workshops. We hear you and understand that after these months there is a great need for physical closeness, so we decided to adjust the program to suit your requests.

Together we create a safe simple framework to learn and enjoy touch.

This is an introductory workshop where you will learn how to set up a touch session, the techniques of touch and the different ways to relax muscle tensions. You will learn how to build up a trustful relation to another body within a unique massage session.

We will give you a basic knowledge of Swedish massage, a skillset of profound but simple massage strokes and techniques that you will first experience and then learn to apply. 

Some joyful strokes will expand the sensations throughout the body to increase its capacity for pleasure, without actually touching the other person’s genitals.

We look at how to cultivate trustful bonding and a deeper sense of pleasure and spirituality through touch and breath. The result is a joyful aliveness.

To check the updated calendar, along with all other details about the festival and to book your ticket, head on to the official Summer Evolution website. For any other question, feel free to contact us at