Today we share some more of the program from this year’s summer festivals. This is a new workshop from Rodrigo, and here’s what he has to say about it:

What is your relationship with your hips? How much can you connect with them?

Often in our daily lives our hips, the centre of our creative energy, remain quiet and unconscious. For many of us, they are even excluded from certain movements.

In the workshop I will be giving this year, we will connect with the creativity within us, allow it to rise in our spine and free our body to move and express things we may not do in our everyday lives. We will enjoy the serenity we can feel when we connect with ourselves, some slow motion flirting movements, the Eros creativity of our most hidden sensuality, our firmest and most active movements…

At the end of the workshop we will intensify our solo experiences and complement them with breath and sound.

We will bring energy to your whole body and focus our attention on our hips. What will your hips tell you? How will you use your hips to communicate? Let’s discover this together!

This workshop is based on a solo experience with yourself. How deep can you go into yourself when you are with others? You can also decide the level of nudity you want to share with the group.

This workshop will be offered at both Summer Evolution Spiztmühle and Summer Evolution Vogelhof. For dates, details and prices, follow the links to our website. And for any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out via email at