One more workshop from our Summer Festivals. This one is by Rodrigo:

As one of our dear colleagues loves to say: our anus is the gate to all our hidden emotions and also our most vulnerable place. A place that as a door, sometimes remains closed even when opened. We will be taking some time and bring some awareness to our relationship with the closest door to our root Chakra.
Our body expressing in sounds, brought together with our breathing, will be our best companions on this journey throughout our whole existence.

In this workshop we will work in couples, creating a safe space for expressing emotions; one round you will be a supporter and the other one you’ll be the one going into the experience.
We will be working naked, so feel welcome to express yourself, exactly how mother nature brought you to this world! Let´s celebrate the beauty of creation!

This will be part of the Summer Evolution Vogelhof (August 11-14) and Summer Evolution Spitzmühle (August 19-22) offerings. You can find more information and reservations on the event page or contact us by e-mail at with any questions.