Tachok talks about a workshop that he will be offering during the Spitzmühle edition of this year’s Summer Evolution Festival. As you might imagine from the title, it’s definitely an original one!

When was the last time you felt like a predator? Or as a prey? It can be liberating to acknowledge that human beings were originally predators who killed and still kill animals for their food. Today this primal act primarily takes place out of sight and is  masked over by our culture. The predator no longer has a place in our daily lives. For this reason it is even more important to not only give it space, but to acknowledge, appreciate and finally integrate it into our psyche.

In a safe container we want to get to know and experience our animal feelings in a playful way. We will explore the predator within us that delights in hunting and killing. We will give room to the pleasure and desire of scenting, hunting, and finally killing prey; the feelings of hunger, greed for prey and the joy of having found food. We will try different strategies to catch the prey, with (playful) violence, cunning or seduction.

The perspective of the prey is also very interesting: the surrender to death and a merging with another living being, discovering how fear gives way to surrender in an act of giving yourself over to the one who killed you.

The workshop is framed in a ritual that sets a safe framework. We will create a safe container where everyone feels supported by a connected group energy. Through connected exercises and clear rules, we will ensure that there are no physical, emotional or mental injuries.

Summer Evolution 2022 Spitzmühle, from 19th till 22nd of August near Berlin. Head over to our event page for more details and to book your spot, or write us an email at info@gaylovespirit.org if you have any further questions.