If you offer erotic massages, erotic bodywork and spiritual-erotic sessions yourself, you have certainly had the experience at times that you reach your limits in your work. Either a client demands too much of you, or a session can go into areas you didn’t actually want or intend, or you feel you have done something wrong. 

The border areas between Eros and Sex naturally always build up a field of tension, and it is in this field of tension that growth usually happens.

However, there are also frequent situations where you are stuck and need the advice of experienced colleagues. 

We have started a new regular supervision group “Gay Love Spirit erotic Bodywork Supervision” in May 2021.  How does such a supervision group work?

Basically we try to recognise, assess and solve our own problem situations through the view of others. We work with the so-called Balint method. It is based on the realisation that in problem situations we often recognise the parts of others well, but are partially blind to our own parts.  This is called the “Johari window”.  Observers who are not involved themselves can look at situations impartially and thus give valuable and critical feedback. Together with the leader of the supervision group, we find other ways of looking at things and work out new approaches to solutions.  This method also activates the but also the creativity of the whole group. The group should not be too large (approx. 6 to 10 members), the attitude of the participants should be characterised by a high mutual respect and a low motivation to attract attention. Everything that is said is strictly confidential and of course remains in the supervision room.

A common exchange is very important, especially for men who do not have too much experience with sessions yet. If you are interested, please contact us at info@gaylovespirit.org

We have a German-speaking and an English-speaking supervision group. You can find the dates clicking here.