Fear eats up the soul Part 2: Travelling with the fear of others

This is the second post in a small series on the phenomenon of fear. We all know it. We will shed light on how it moves us, how it paralyses us and how it sometimes makes us freeze. In other… Continue Reading →

Fear eats the soul, Part 1: Fear of dying in the organic supermarket

Last Friday, I was at my favorite organic supermarket. It was 8:30 in the morning – I love this time of day, everything is still so fresh, shiny and the store is almost empty. And there were only a few… Continue Reading →

Fear is a form of Love

It’s been almost a year since fear began to control our minds and thoughts. Some fight it and refuse to cooperate, others consume news, scenarios and disasters – the pandemic, the economic situation and the memories. There seem to be… Continue Reading →

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