Sensual Consicous Movement

Can we seduce you why should definitely try out our new workshop conscious sensual movement?
1. We will dedicate the weekend to movement as well as internal movement (breathing). This is the first condition for better sex and intimacy.
2. Our body has more than 5 senses. The muscle sense observed the body’s boundaries, the body’s internal state and the space it takes up. Moreover, it senses the perception of objects around it and the connection with other bodies
3. In order to feel more pleasure, we have to physically wake our body up so we start to feel more and get really connected. There’s a difference between touching something and sharing touch with someone.
4. Dance has featured predominantly in countless cultures as a communication tool, celebration and ritual, a tool for healing, a way to unite communities. What can be a better way to develop the movement sense.
5. Lastly, There is no better way to start the summer in the mountains of Austria with a swimming pool, big garden, meditation, body work and massages. All combined with nudity and fresh vegetables from the garden.