Thorsten will us about his Sessions and stories for the Summer Evolution Festival!

In this series of posts, trainers of the summer evolution festival will introduce themselfs and there sessions.

All trainers can be found here

What will you offer for Summer Evolution 2019?

Kakao Cermony

I will lead a Kakao Ceremony followed by a Dance Meditation.
The Kakao Ceremony works on the Heart Center and moves a lot in the emotional Layer of everybody.
The experience is gentle but profound.

Session about the 2 Spirit traditions

I will lead a Session about the 2 Spirit traditions, you will hear about them and feel your inner 2 Spirit nature.
The first part is to listen and the 2nd part is to experience.
In many native tribes LGBT had another name and a special role, they called us the 2 Spirits as they believed we are something in between male and female, there are hundreds of names for us in many native languages.
And that comes with special gifts and tasks.
They honored these gifts and knew about our places in tribal societies.
To connect to these qualities and ancient wisdom is very healing for all of us.

What is special about Summer Evolution?

Everything :-)))
The Location a very nice Seminar House with private Lake acces.
The Trainers from many countries that bring a lot of different wisdom and teachings.
And of course all the men that come to celebrate and enjoy the Sessions.
Even if we are a very large group there is still a connection with everybody and an intimate connection with some of the men.
Just a wonderfull long weekend in Summer that you will not forget your whole life.

What awaits the men?

Many different Workshops around body, eros, spirituality, movement, rituals and a lot of fun and celebration.
Amazing food from our Ayurvedic Chef Mark that understand to nurish the men in a way that supports the process.
A rich experience for all the senses.

What is special for you at Summer Evolution?

The choices, so many different Sessions and inspirations that you may choose from. The parties at night, the Sauna and the Hot Tub and of course the Lake :-)))

Why is Summer
Evolution sexy for you?

The men are sexy and they bring a sexy intention. They want something else then the typical fast food sex that is offered in most places.
These men want a wholistic experience of Body, Mind, Heart and Eros and together we create this experience.
It is very sexy to be who we are in a safe setting where everybody may express who he really is and unfold more over the days.
The touch is sexy, many participants are already bodyworkers or masseurs, so the quality of touch that you will get is very high, almost gourmet 😉
And of course the Massage Sessions are sexy, Genital, Anal, Prostatic and many more Massages that i never heard of before will be offered ;-)))

How is the mood among the men?

The mood is very familiar, a huge community in that many men already know each other and the new ones are intergrated very fast and natural.
And very erotic but also very respectful 😉 Just natural men celebrating life together.


What is your most beautiful experience at the Festival ?

Soooooooooo many :-)))
Just beeing there, feeling like this dream will never stop.
The Sauna, the fireplace, Dancing in Costumes or naked.
Sitting in the Hot Tub watching the Stars.
The show on the last evening.
But most of all the heart and spirit of every man that i meet there.

How’s the house, the lake, the nature?

The House is basic but with everything that we need, double rooms with shower is a Luxury at many Festivals and we have planty of them 😉
The Lake is amazing and looks different every time of the day.
There are some boats to take a ride and some floats to jump in safely.
The hot tub is always fun 😉 Even in Winter mixed with a straight group :-)))

LOVE THORsten Sheranius