We continue to slowly reveal the program of this year’s Summer Festivals. This one is a lovely dance journey with our dear Thorsten, and will be held at both Summer Evolution Spitzmühle and Summer Evolution Vogelhof.

In this workshop Thorsten will send you on an outer dance journey, which will then continue in an inner trance journey. Your eyes will be gently blindfolded, you will listen to an enchanting music that will constantly accompany your body in this extraordinary trip. At first you may feel like a fluffy leaf, which is gradually being cradled by a slow, gentle spring wind. The music will steadily increase and encourage your body to move more and more until your inner trance journey begins and you dance on and on as if by yourself.

Let yourself be carried by the power of the group, supported by Thorsten’s encouraging instructions…

Experience this and many more workshops at Summer Evolution Vogelhof, 11th to 14th of August 2022 in south Germany or at Summer Evolution Spitzmühle, 19th to 22nd of August 2022 near Berlin. More infos in the event page on our website, or send us an email at info@gaylovespirit.org if you have any questions.