I just read the story at medium and I was shocked! Do we face a new wave of violence, even here in Europe?

My first thought was, how can we step up against it. Even in Germany we don’t live on an island of happyness. We were fighting decades for our LGBTQ rights.

Are we loosing all your achivements?

Right wing parties are gaining momentum and are getting stronger, not just in Poland, Hungary or other countries. Politicians using a kind of new metapher against us. Being against LGBTQ rights is getting socities main stream.

Even it was only a joke of our CDU Head Krapp-Karrenbauer, it shows us that this becoming the “new normal”.

At the End it will rise Violence everywhere!

Ok, this are just little examples, of what happening in the US or Russia, but the direction is clear. And we should be prepared and aware of going against this main stream.

What can we do against it?

Trantra at all, is not political! But having said this, isn’t it true, that if we learn how to connect to people, how we stay open minded and open hearted, that this is political per se? We come together in a group of men, not knowing each other, and celebrating community, spirit and love together. We connect in a different and much deeper way. We learn to look at and be open to different views, different cultures and even different desires.

We overcome our own prejudices and learn to respect different views.

Ok, you might think, that only “these open minded people” are joining our workshops and seminars?

Yes, this might be true, but on the other hand, they are not going to change the world!

The only ones are changing the world is YOU!

“They” are not going to change anything in the world, only you can make that change. This means for me, that if you learn to be open minded with a open heart, it will reflect on other people you will meet. You will be a rock in the stromy weather. And maybe a rock for others, to show how to stand up against this violence.