Once a month, Gay Love Spirit organises the Sensual Man workshop in Barcelona, both for locals and tourists. Moxe, the man behind this fabulous Friday night gatherings, tells a bit more.

The Sensual Man has two sides to it. One is process where we learn more and more about different parts of our body and chakras. We connect them with eroticism and sexuality. In this process we are enlarging our borders, exploring our limits and learning how to touch people. The other aspect of the gathering is an encounter for international men with local men in a context where you can feel, touch and connect in a different setting than the usual setting of a bar or a cruising ground.

I started the Sensual Man gatherings because there is need for people to explore tantra and understand what it is about. Many men are afraid to commit for a weekend with deep-going processes. The evenings allow them to get a glimpse. It’s the perfect opportunity for people to get acquainted with the work. Also for people who work in the weekend it’s good as it allows them to at least have a bit of fun and connection to a loving community during the weekend. There is also another beneficial side to it: While a weekend is a deep intense process, an evening a month is a long term process that always goes deeper. I have many men returning for the last 1,5 year.

The participants are very happy and content. I have a Whatsapp group where the participants can comment later and stay connected. A few comments of last time

„Two days after, I still feel super positive, energetic and with good vibes.“
„An eye-opener and initiation. Very stimulating“
„Thanks for the sensual connections and sharing this experience with all of you“.
„A brilliant experience with a loving group of men. I will definitely come back.“

Mostly the group is 10 to 14 persons. The themes are based on the chakras. I’m doing a different chakra every time. The workshop structure consists of two parts. One part is an exercise, where we get closer to each other and built intimacy. The second part is massage. The different chakras are related to different body parts, glands and inner organs. So for example one evening we focus on throat massage, the other time on hips, always with different techniques. For example with the throat chakra we deal with communication. The thyroid gland is responsible for growth, both physical and emotional growth. We were practising communicating what we want and listening what our partner wish for. During the erotic massage we were practising breathing together with voice. That allows us to harmonize the inner and outer vibrations of your body. I call it vocal breath.