Cuba is a magic place full of contradictions:: Cuban cigars, salsa, beautiful men, gorgeous beaches, splendid colonial cities – and of course, after decades of repression, an emerging gay scene. Cuba is rapidly becoming one of the hottest gay destinations in Latin America. Travel with Friends goes for the 3th time in January. Wanna travel together with a local gay couple? Read a few impressions from last year’s participants:

“Cuba has the hottest mixture of men on this planet. It’s a cultural and ethnic melting pot, something you just can’t believe till you see it with your own eyes. You can easily approach them as Cubans are very sociable.” (J, Berlin)

“I had one funny situation on the beach with Anniel. I mentioned to him jokingly that I found one of the Cuban guys quite attractive. He directly waved him over, but I didn’t know how to react to that. Anniel was teasing me, asking if I didn’t like Cubans. It was clearly not much a deal for him to just call someone. Then you realize there is a cultural difference.” (R, Berlin)

“One night I went out with Erick and Anniel in Santiago. We had a couple of beers in a gay park and we were just chatting, that was very pleasant.” (L, Berlin)