Today I would like to tell you more about my personel tantra journey.

How it all began?

It all startet in spring 2012. I had a hard time at work and in my private live. Lots of changes and I had the feeling to need some retreat, something just for me. I did not want to go with me group of Gay Outdoor Club, where I was involved as a chairman, responsible for over 1400 members.

I started to look for more “bodywork” in a loving environment. So I came across tantra by searching the internet. By purpose I did not read the exact details, I was to scared. I just booked my first tantric holidays on the island of Ischias (Italy by neapoly). I was challanged. Also very scared about getting naked in front of strangers. Soon I discovered the playfulness and loveing in the group and I felt more and more evolved.

The first sessions were very challanging to me. I remember one “mirror session”, where we stud naked in pairs in front of a windows and we had to tell each other about what we liked and disliked on your bodies and vs. I have burn marks from my exident with fire in my 70th and I like my body. The partner had a sexy, muscular body and he did not stop telling me what he disliked on his body. I could not see a millimeter I disliked. I was thinking about it all the time. I have my burn marks all over my body and I love it. He is without any marks, full muscles, no fat, lovely face (more a canditate to marry straight away 😉

I thought whow! It is not really what you see, it is about your inner beauty. I will never forget this experience in my life. I learned to take my body as is and I never felt afraid to show it (even naked) anymore!!!

It was a real healing experience for me.

This way I started off with tantra and I love it since.

There is a lot more to tell, but this should be enough for my first part!


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