This is the second part of a 3 part article, click here to read the first part about Agape.

Next up is Caritas, lending us a helping hand. Caritas is the ‘Christian’ charity. About God and his attitude towards homosexuals we have already spoken shortly above. But if you delete the word Christian, charity remains. In the 1960s, various psychological experiments manage to convince us that man is fundamentally evil, that we are still in our deepest innermost being in the natural state of Hobbes. We are ready to kill or mistreat other people if the circumstances are right. (I deliberately leave this in the passive, so that the idea doesn’t arise that we ourselves could be responsible for these circumstances). This idea of the lack of goodness in human beings not only persists to this day, but can also be understood as a clear indicator that we will probably not find our search in Caritas either. (At this point I would like to refer once again to Bregman, who has a lot to say about these experiments and in more detail on the subject of charity. And also out of sheer enthusiasm that someone is actually still searching for the good in human beings, and that is not to be understood as a grain of salt.)