Gay Love Spirit’s massage practitioner training has got off to a very good start with the first module. The training is aimed at men who want to learn how to give mindful and sensual massages and integrate this practice into their lives.

The first module of the training took place at Tajet Garden, a seminar center for body, breath and energy work in Cologne from May 9th to 12th. The participants were very diverse, both in terms of their experience and their age and nationality. This contributed to a very open, lively and supportive atmosphere.
The module started with an introduction to the basics of training, including the different techniques and methods. We had four trainers on board this time: Joao, Thomas, Moxe and Luis Rodrigo. They were able to share their knowledge and experience in an understandable and practical way. They took the time to answer any questions that arose and provide individual support.

An important point was the gradual establishment of an open, warm and supportive atmosphere, which formed a good foundation for further learning and experience in the group. The trust that was built up allowed everyone to let go and go deeper into the perception of the individual encounters. An important aspect of the training was working on one’s own body awareness and mindfulness. Participants were encouraged to observe their own experiences and sensations during the massage and to reflect on them after each exchange with their partner. This allowed everyone to refine their own technique and learn to adapt to the needs of the other person. The trainers were always on hand to give guidance and feedback, which was very helpful for the men. There was also plenty of time to share experiences and ask questions.

Overall, the first module of Gay Love Spirit’s Massage Practitioner Training 2024 was a very successful start. The participants were delighted with the atmosphere and the quality of the training. They are already looking forward to the next online update at the end of June and even more to the next module at the Vogelhof, which is part of the Summer Evolution Festival, and are excited to see what else is to come.
We have the new date for the next training in Germany. It starts on May 29, 2025 in Cologne. In the meantime, you can read more about the training on our website or email us at if you have any questions.