Can you board that plane? We can help you find an answer…

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, whenever I thought about traveling for any reason, I would quickly ask myself: „I wonder if I can actually go there? What kind of documents would I need? And what about coming back? There… Continue Reading →

Summer 2021: Security, Hygiene and Wellbeing

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As we are again experiencing a strong increase in case numbers in some countries, restrictions are being reintroduced and as our summer events are getting closer, many people are asking us how we can meet the challenge of running safe… Continue Reading →

We are back!

We had a wonderful weekend in Berlin, with our first workshop after a 7-month Covid break. Ten inquisitive men had the pleasure of letting go and immersing themselves in the world of anal delight: for some, this meant sometimes jumping… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2021: Shamanic Eros

Next up on our discovery of the Summer Evolution 2021 program, we bring you Robert Van Raven’s workshops, starting with Shamanic Eros. Robert is a massage therapist, healer and sexological bodyworker who’s been on the Shamanic path for many years… Continue Reading →

Moxe’s post-Covid Sexperience

Last July, in between lockdowns, we managed to squeeze in a Sexperience workshop – it was the first in a long time and therefore a special one for everyone. We are now in a similar situation, where life is coming… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2021 – Self Love Body Care

Marc might be our beloved cook for the Summer events in the Spitzmühle, but he’s also much more than that! He’s a trained Ayurvedic masseur, on the path since more than 20 years, and he learned a lot on the way…. Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2021 – Make a Wish

As you might already know, this year we are offering a Massage Practitioner Training in 4 modules. We thought about putting the second module of this training inside Summer Evolution, so that our trainees will have the chance to practice… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2021: Divine Beasts

The second workshop Sadhu will offer at Summer Evolution 2021 is called Divine Beasts, and to us, it sounds like a really exciting shamanic trip… Get to know Sadhu a little bit through this interview we published, and read what… Continue Reading →

The Constellations & Tantra Jams in IKSK are back!

In October, when the IKSK first opened, we had lots of exciting plans in store for the winter; unfortunately, we all know what happened instead… Now that things are starting to slowly get better, we are very pleased to announce… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2021: Wielding your Magical Phallus

After introducing Sadhu with the interview we published last week, today we start presenting his workshops as promised. The first one is called „Wielding Your Magical Phallus“, and it’s all about penetrating each other energetically. In Sadhu’s words: Ignite the… Continue Reading →

From the archives: Interview with Sadhu on Shadow Work

Before we talk about his offer for Summer Evolution 2021, we would like to introduce Sadhu to everyone who doesn’t know him yet with an interview about shadow work.  In the interview he talks about, among other things, his training… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2021: Genital Meditation

Today we are starting our journey into the program of Summer Evolution. In the next weeks we will slowly reveal all of the juicy offerings we have in store for you this year. The first workshop we’d like to share… Continue Reading →

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