Sexuality, “The play of the senses”

Do we know each other? Hello, my name is Jose, I am 45 years old and my boyfriend’s name is Luisfer, he is 13 years older than me and together we rediscovered our sexuality, but this time starting again from… Continue Reading →

On the experience of helping someone to know and enjoy their sexuality

Sexual accompaniment is work that helps a person with functional diversity (colloquially referred to as a person with a disability) to enjoy their sexuality. As the concept of functional diversity is broad, so are the professional responses. The first time… Continue Reading →

Loving gardening for Whitsun

From the 17th to the 20th of May, we’d like to spruce up the garden and greenhouse at Vogelhof with the help of some of you.Under the expert guidance of Klaus, a passionate gardener who you may know from the… Continue Reading →

Join Thorsten and Wolf for a Two-Spirit retreat this Spring

Dear Relatives, Do you know who you really are… Really? What you are made of? What lies beyond and behind the ways you identify? Have you experienced your True Self? We are not talking about an intellectual understanding based on… Continue Reading →

Sex is Relating

We have this tension between wanting to live alone, that things will go our way, while at the same time needing to be part of a community, share and be part of something bigger.  Understanding that in the current world,… Continue Reading →

New Massage Practitioner Training 2024 in Germany and France!

For over 20 years Thomas has been giving workshops for GBTQ men. Since then it has been a matter of the heart for him to make the basics of tantric work and energy work accessible..The massage practitioner training at Gay… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution Vogelhof 2023 – High Summer Festival

The second edition of the Summer Evolution Festival in the Swabian Alb brought four intense summer days for a group of 65 men. It had rained heavily in the weeks before, so that the lush meadows shone anew every morning… Continue Reading →

Not only kebabs and falafel have become more expensive

You notice it on every receipt in the supermarket, every visit to a restaurant, on train tickets and airline tickets. Everything is getting more expensive, obviously for us too. In 2023 we were still able to cushion the impact, but… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution Neue Spitzmühle 2023

The Summer Evolution Festival at Neue Spitzmühle from 04 to 07 August 2023 was an experience the men will not soon forget. It was a long weekend full of joy, sensuality, affection, playful and tender lightness. The lived community moved… Continue Reading →

The Art of Touch – An Intensive Workshop for You

During this long weekend of learning, touch and connection you will be introduced to the basics of tantric work: You will learn how to connect easily and sensually with your own body, and then move from this deep connection into… Continue Reading →

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