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Ready for a new S/ Experience?

After the long period of hardship during this long pandemic winter, life is now gradually returning…   We are very happy to have our exciting S/ Experience workshop back in the program. We have all missed beautiful touches, erotic interactions and communication… Continue Reading →

Changing names to satisfy the Algorithm

Since 1998 we have been offering workshops in Tantra for gay men. Since 2005 as the network GayLoveSpirit.  A core part of our work is communication – it is a central theme in the workshops and retreats. But we also need… Continue Reading →

Moxe’s post-Covid Sexperience

Last July, in between lockdowns, we managed to squeeze in a Sexperience workshop – it was the first in a long time and therefore a special one for everyone. We are now in a similar situation, where life is coming… Continue Reading →

One, two, three – it’s gone

We hope it will be the same with the pandemic. Assuming that in a few weeks vaccinations will spread faster than the virus, the Covid spook should soon be over… in any case, we expect light at the end of… Continue Reading →

Moxe’s post-Covid Sexperience

The following are Moxe’s impressions about the latest Sexperience workshop we had at the end of July. It was our first workshop since the pandemic and this made it a very unique one for everyone involved. Wow, this workshop was… Continue Reading →

Sexperience: The very special workshop soon in Berlin

Life returns more and more after the lockdown… We are very happy to offer this exciting workshop again. As we recently saw in Cologne, the best gay sauna (Phoenix) has been open again for a few days. This was of… Continue Reading →

We are back: Sexperience

Times have changed for all of us: Covid 19 will stay for a while and we will have to adapt… we already are adapting. What did not and will never change is our need to learn, to open up and… Continue Reading →

Because you asked.

We create opportunities to practise many skills and knowledge in a very playful atmosphere of trust, friendship and discovery. During the last months we had many requests for our popular Sexperience-Workshop. Our date at the end of April was fully… Continue Reading →

My GayLoveSpirit Year 2018

For me it was a beautyful year with GayLoveSpirit 2018. I was giving a lot of tantra workshops this year, I also was kicking off a tantra evening in munich.

Sexperience Barcelona

It’s been 6 years since we started to offer the sexperience workshop and it doesn’t stop to surprise us. Each group takes it to a different place and the themes continue to change. As the group open up slowly they… Continue Reading →

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