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Still Gay

The world is moving forwards and identities like gay and lesbian are being challenged by the young generation, by the academic world, by people’s experiences. Many of our clients had a history with women and don’t necessarily identify with the word gay. Neither… Continue Reading →

The hidden pain of coming out – „La Cortina“

It’s August, I think 2009, and I’ve gone to the beach with my girlfriend – as I’ve been doing more and more in the summer months since we started dating. For the last 2 years we’ve been in a fairly… Continue Reading →

The consent paradigm, part II

This is part two of an article by our dear Moxe. To read part one, click here. I believe there is a social context that tells people how to act, what to feel in certain situations and what is wrong… Continue Reading →

The consent paradigm

As a gay cis man (cis or cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth based on their genitalia) the question of consent is uncomfortable, there were moments I didn’t wait… Continue Reading →

Moxe’s Queer Parenting – Lonely in a crowd

The other day I had some amazing all heart tantric sex, doing all the things I like, pleasuring another man. When it was all done, I had this feeling of running away. Like when I was single and young (well… Continue Reading →

Queer two-spirited fatherhood

When I was 17, at the therapist desk with my parents, I told them I am gay; I was afraid they wouldn’t accept me, the reaction of my mother was that she was worried “What kind of life a man… Continue Reading →

You can help organisations like us to stay alive!

The past year has surely been, and continues to be, a tough one for everyone – and for us in the field of sexual culture especially so. Like many other industries, we rely heavily on the possibility of meeting in… Continue Reading →

Touch goes deeper than the skin – a documentary on the importance of touch

It comes as no surprise that here at GLS we are big advocates for the importance of touch in our lives. Numerous scientific studies confirm how important it is and how nowadays, during the Covid pandemic we are not getting… Continue Reading →

Rocks and Firmament: The possibilities of an island, part 1

The Island With the first flowering of gay tourism on Gran Canaria in the 1980s, Maspalomas experienced another building boom, having already been developed for the masses from the early 1970s. It became a gay holiday paradise. The face of… Continue Reading →

Who am I between shame and hate?

A lot has happened for LGBTIQ+ people in the past 20 years. We are still a long way from reaching the end of the road and the fact that it has taken almost 20 years to translate one of the… Continue Reading →

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