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Moxe and Rodrigo answer questions about S/Experience

We asked Moxe and Rodrigo, the two trainers that will lead our upcoming S/ Experience workshop in June, some questions about the workshop. Read on to find out if this could be the experience you have been longing for. What… Continue Reading →

Gay Love Spirit is coming back to Madrid!

Imagine you are free of shame and guilt- how would your life look like? Imagine you were raised in a sex positive family- how would your sex life look like? Imagine you were never silenced when you started to talk… Continue Reading →

Ready for a new S/ Experience?

After the long period of hardship during this long pandemic winter, life is now gradually returning…   We are very happy to have our exciting S/ Experience workshop back in the program. We have all missed beautiful touches, erotic interactions and communication… Continue Reading →

Changing names to satisfy the Algorithm

Since 1998 we have been offering workshops in Tantra for gay men. Since 2005 as the network GayLoveSpirit.  A core part of our work is communication – it is a central theme in the workshops and retreats. But we also need… Continue Reading →

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