summer 2020

Summer Evolution 2020: Sex Magic

What is your desire? Are you aware that the power of intention and the vibes you send into the air are powerful? Do you remember making a wish and putting all your energy into it? Imagine what could happen if… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2020: FISTival Workshop

This workshop is an invitation for an initiatic journey that will drive you from your worst nightmare… to your most shameful fantasies. Your worst nightmares because it will enable to touch your fears, your shame, other people’s judgments as well… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2020: The Art of the Erotic Mind

In many of our workshops we are striving to connect the body with the mind and the spirit. In this workshop we will jazz them… Different rhythms will create different experiences and together, a whole new world. By covering your… Continue Reading →

We are back: Sexperience

Times have changed for all of us: Covid 19 will stay for a while and we will have to adapt… we already are adapting. What did not and will never change is our need to learn, to open up and… Continue Reading →

Summer 2020 – Security, Hygiene & Wellbeing

Sticky post

As the restrictions are slowly but surely being lifted and our summer events are getting closer and closer, many men are asking us how we will meet the challenge of running safe workshops without sacrificing the fun and enjoyment.  First… Continue Reading →

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