New Year

What happens at Winter Eros, and is it for you? Thomas answers…

What is special about the Winter Eros Retreat? Thomas:  The Winter Eros Retreat is a very special one… It’s all about your inner peace and connection to community. The men who come here are open and ready for inner growth…. Continue Reading →

Why should I come to Winter Eros? Moxe answers…

Convince me to come to Winter Eros? Moshe: It will be more exclusive than a trip to Hawaii… It’s a great way to start the New Year together with your community of gay men. Six days with lots of activities,… Continue Reading →

This year, Winter Eros is moving

At GLS we fully enjoyed these last late Summer days in Berlin, but Winter is coming closer and with it, it is unfortunately likely that Coronavirus will start reproducing again more actively. While it is very hard to make any… Continue Reading →

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