The framework before the event

Due to the numerous changes in corona restrictions, us facilitators did not always know which exercises would be considered appropriate by the men and how concerned our men would be when planning the retreat.  What hygiene precautions do we take and how do we implement the regulations? 

Therefore we were very excited about the week: there were many bookings, cancellations and re-registrations. It is safe to assume that the men who tend to be cautious and anxious, could not or would not participate this time. Nevertheless, it was not easy for us in the beginning – what do the men need now, what do they want and what are they willing to do?

The men in the retreat

Some men who know us well and know how wonderful the 10 days can be, had booked both events in advance.

Other men had decided to stay for the retreat after the wonderful and unifying time of the festival, so there were only a handful of new men for Summer Eros Community. In the end we were 22 men including the team: Thorsten Sheranius, Moxe, Thomas and Txema. Because of the Corona circumstances and the many spontaneous decisions it was ok for us that some men left Summer Eros early, on Friday, and some who were at Summer Evolution came back to join us again on that same day.  Carried by the loving atmosphere we integrated all movements into the flow of the event.

Our men were all very motivated, and were able to let themselves fall into the harmonious, sensual togetherness. 

The Communication

Our retreats are more focused on promoting the growth of group members. We have taken the time to go deeper into the individual needs and the exchange, the exchange in the whole group as well as in the small groups is very important.

Our small groups, the chosen family structure, offer a fixed framework for sharing and exchanging important questions: besides the recurring question of what has touched you in the last 24 hours, there were some moving questions such as experiencing your own sexuality and intimacy since the beginning of the year, also during the lockdown, your own needs and wishes for the retreat and the coming time, upcoming change processes and so on…

What happened?

After the long period of isolation during the lonely lockdown, the first days of Summer Eros were characterized by closeness, touch, massage and intimacy. After many hours of this precious work, trust grew in the group. Every morning the men were prepared by Txema and Krishnadas for the day with an energizing yoga session. After the first two intensive days of building up the group feeling, on the third day we had a beautiful Singing Session led by Txema in the morning, followed by an „Angel walk“ which was for most of the group a beautiful experience, and for some very challenging. In the afternoon, Family Sharing and Front Massage with Big Draw led by Thomas, for most of us very rewarding; later hot tub and sauna.

On Friday morning we had a big heart-sharing circle, focusing on all the exciting and challenging issues of the last days – expressing what kind of support was needed. In the afternoon Systemic Work by Thomas and simultaneously 4 hands massage by Moxe and Thorsten. In the evening we sat around a wonderful bonfire with Nico on the guitar, hot tub, sauna and sofas outside.

On Saturday morning we started with a Deep Breathing Meditation followed by “Dance as a revolution”. In the afternoon Family rounds with the WAF structure (Withholds, Appreciations, Fantasies), followed by preparing for the hilarious show of the evening. Then it was show time, party time and time for another hot tub session.

On Sunday morning we took a beautiful walk around Fächersee, followed by an exciting King for a Day structure. We then closed Summer Eros Community with a loving Honopo Good Bye ritual. 

We made a lot of new connections. We made new friends, all of us. We deepened the existing connections. New relationships were born. We left in Love.

If you have the opportunity, we can only recommend you to reserve the time in your 2021 calendar and book our two summer events: August 6th – 9th Summer Evolution and August 10th – 15th 2021 Summer Eros Community. We are looking forward to seeing you!