It’s been 6 years since we started to offer the sexperience workshop and it doesn’t stop to surprise us. Each group takes it to a different place and the themes continue to change. As the group open up slowly they can reach to new places. 4 days of touch, opening hearts and experimenting with our sexuality and intimacy. It was an intimate group that was eager to move, to feel each other and to experiment. We were able to explore the Barcelona night life while connecting with our body and spirit through massage, meditation and Thorsten amazing 5 rhythm dance session. For me , this workshop really connected our body, our mind and our spirit. one session we were grounding ourselves to the here and now and the next we were flying high with our desires and spirit.

We realized how complicated it is to let go of old patterns. Comparing ourselves, we sometimes go too hard on ourselves- we have too much sex/ we have too little. We realized that falling into traps happen only when your sexuality is not aligned with your desires and needs.

Some talked about how being gay resemble being an eternal adolescent, others argue that it’s just that we tend to give our sexuality an important place in our life. That can lead to undesired behavior, however as long as you are able to recognize it, you can transform it.

The Sexperience group is exactly that place, where you can be curious and try new things. Initiating a transformation that is based on connecting with our desires and fantasies

What do you think?

Many thanks to Yousef Iskander for the great Photos