Winter Eros 2022 – In Love with a wonderful group of men

Moxe writes about the recent Winter Eros, our New Year’s Tantric retreat. In the rugged landscape of the Swabian Alb, on the last day of the solar circle, 26 men walk in silence through the hilly forest to a gentle… Continue Reading →

Finding my religion

I often have the following thoughts on the occasion of “high” holidays. In the intense days before, during and even after, when travelling to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, and of course when organising activities for such holidays… Continue Reading →

Still Gay

The world is moving forwards and identities like gay and lesbian are being challenged by the young generation, by the academic world, by people’s experiences. Many of our clients had a history with women and don’t necessarily identify with the word gay. Neither… Continue Reading →

Summer Evolution 2022: Sex Magic

What is your desire? Are you aware that the power of intention and the vibes you send into the air are powerful? Do you remember making a wish and putting all your energy into it? Imagine what could happen if… Continue Reading →

The loving struggle against the self

Giving tantra workshops and accompanying men on their way to a pleasurable sexuality has made me think a lot about the need for a meaningful relationship. Not necessarily a romantic love relationship, but a relationship where there is equality and… Continue Reading →

Gay Love Spirit is coming back to Madrid!

Imagine you are free of shame and guilt- how would your life look like? Imagine you were raised in a sex positive family- how would your sex life look like? Imagine you were never silenced when you started to talk… Continue Reading →

The consent paradigm, part II

This is part two of an article by our dear Moxe. To read part one, click here. I believe there is a social context that tells people how to act, what to feel in certain situations and what is wrong… Continue Reading →

The consent paradigm

As a gay cis man (cis or cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth based on their genitalia) the question of consent is uncomfortable, there were moments I didn’t wait… Continue Reading →

Moxe’s Queer Parenting – Lonely in a crowd

The other day I had some amazing all heart tantric sex, doing all the things I like, pleasuring another man. When it was all done, I had this feeling of running away. Like when I was single and young (well… Continue Reading →

Queer two-spirited fatherhood

When I was 17, at the therapist desk with my parents, I told them I am gay; I was afraid they wouldn’t accept me, the reaction of my mother was that she was worried “What kind of life a man… Continue Reading →

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