For over 20 years Thomas has been giving workshops for GBTQ men. Since then it has been a matter of the heart for him to make the basics of tantric work and energy work accessible..
The massage practitioner training at Gay Love Spirit has now been running for three years. Joao Pedro and Thomas will complete the third year of the training in December this year and then there will be a total of 30 certified massage practitioners.

Teaching massage is a lot of fun for us. We love to accompany people in their growth and feel that the students become good practitioners and will soon be able to offer very deep touch work. After a wonderful second module that we experienced together with a total of 65 men during the Summer Evolution Festival in the Swabian Alps, we have received very positive feedback. There have been a lot of enquiries about the dates for next year’s training. We are now happy to offer another training in France as well!

In the German training (languages: German and English), the first module will take place in Cologne in May, the second at the Summer Evolution Festival on the Swabian Alb and modules 3 and 4 will take place in Berlin.

In the French training (language: French) the first module will take place in April in Villemaréchal, about 90 km south of Paris, the second at the Summer Evolution Festival on the Swabian Alps and modules 3 and 4 will then take place in Paris.

This training is an outstanding offer for all those who want to raise and refine their skills in massage to a professional level. It doesn’t matter if you want to use your newly acquired skills for personal use only or to expand your professional opportunities – this training offers you a perfect opportunity to do so.

Our training will allow you to learn and experience the art of tantra massage from scratch, according to Gay Love Spirit’s exacting standards. This is a unique opportunity that will immerse you in the world of sensual touch and deep connection.

Furthermore, in this training you will learn how to effectively deal with the emotions and thoughts that can arise during a massage. Not only will you be more relaxed, but you will also be able to connect more deeply with your clients and touch men on a deeper emotional level.

Another benefit of this training is the opportunity to turn your passion for massage into a source of income. You will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to make money from your talent and turn your passion into your profession.

During this in-depth training you will give at least 12 fully recorded massage sessions and participate in four supervisions.

In terms of the scope and depth of the training, we have followed and in many ways exceeded the criteria of the German Tantric Massage Association. With one exception: we do not teach tantra massage on female bodies.

We have also already conducted some interviews with former graduates, with more to follow. Check out what Mario, Timo and Michael had to say about their experience in the MPT.

And as always, go to the event page for more info and to book your spot, or shoot an email at if you have any questions.