The second edition of the Summer Evolution Festival in the Swabian Alb brought four intense summer days for a group of 65 men. It had rained heavily in the weeks before, so that the lush meadows shone anew every morning and the trees glowed in their fresh green. The Vogelhof is an ideal location for this festival, spacious, with an extensive meadow, a large group room, as well as a second large group room in the now converted attic of the hall.
The festival site is surrounded by woods, meadows and fields. Since last year, the men at Vogelhof have put a lot of effort into improving the house and the surrounding facilities and one can say they have succeeded well.

The opening ritual began on Thursday afternoon at 2 pm. After the welcome in the big circle there was a lot of information, then Periklis took over and brought the men into the common space of careful feeling, going towards each other in respectful togetherness. This loving mood accompanied us during the following days.
There were a total of 28 workshops during the four days of Summer Evolution Schwäbische Alps.

Each morning started with a spontaneous group of men, accompanied by Martin’s harmonium, chanting tones and mantras from dawn until the beginning of the morning meditation by Periklis, which was then followed by a yoga session by Krishnadas.

New in the workshop programme were workshops by Sadhu (Got your Back intimacy; Love your sex parts into wholeness; The Elemental Sensuality of Life Cycles), Stefan (Trance – Search for the power animal; Initiation rite Sounding – transforming fear into pleasure), Sebastian (Cuddle Puddle; Invisible Subtleties; Play Fight), Krishnadas (Journey to the Inner Archetypes) and Thomas (Pleasurable Ageing in Good Company). Some classic workshops formed the basic framework whose positive effects we already knew from other Festivals, such as Thorsten’s trance dance, the Cacao ritual and the 2-Spirits workshop, Periklis’ Mysterium of the whole body massage and Thomas’ systemic workshop.

Joao Pedro accompanied the men of the second module of the massage practitioner training. They pampered 10 receiving men each afternoon through deep, sensual touch. The trainees spent five days in an intensive process together and were supported by a handful of graduated massage practitioners from the previous training groups.

Dirk, Gustav and Sebastian from the Vogelhof Crew presented the concept of the new non-profit association for the Vogelhof and many plans in a workshop. Hanns and Siegmar prepared the tasty catering in the kitchen.

On the starry summer evenings, the men enjoyed the sauna, the campfire, an atmospheric dance party by DJ Dirk and a frivolous pop-up store with lots of hip clothes from the Vogelhof Collection.

This Summer Evolution Festival in the Swabian Alb conjured up a unique atmosphere in which we became much closer than we expected. We shared fraternally, were touched sensually on many levels, we sang, danced, laughed, shared intimate moments, spirituality and fraternal connection.

The guests and the coaching team were very happy with these loving days. We are ready to do it again next year! Summer Evolution Swabian Alps from 01st – 04th August 2024. Booking is open, head to the event page to book your spot or reach out at if you have any questions.