You notice it on every receipt in the supermarket, every visit to a restaurant, on train tickets and airline tickets. Everything is getting more expensive, obviously for us too. In 2023 we were still able to cushion the impact, but from 2024 we will unfortunately have to adjust our prices. 

The rents for our venues have increased considerably, the travel costs for the team as well, plus we are building a new website, and so on.

We still believe that no one should be prevented from coming to a seminar, festival or retreat for financial reasons. If you have less than 750 Euro/month at your disposal, you are welcome to ask for the social price (  If you are a student, a pensioner, if you are going through a divorce that will be very expensive for you – write to us, we will usually find a solution for you.  

In our new website we will have the “sliding scale” – a pricing model with more options.

We look forward to seeing you! Even in inflationary times!