The Summer Evolution Festival at Neue Spitzmühle from 04 to 07 August 2023 was an experience the men will not soon forget. It was a long weekend full of joy, sensuality, affection, playful and tender lightness. The lived community moved the hearts of the men and the expectations of most of the participants were exceeded.

The festival site is idyllically located on the shore of a picturesque lake, surrounded by dense forest and green meadows. It felt like being immersed in another world, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We did not have dream weather this time: it wasn’t cold, but it didn’t really get hot either, and sometimes it got wet. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was great.

Four enchanting days by the lake

On Thursday we already welcomed many men and spent a relaxed evening with them. Everyone can have a good time at this beautiful place – sitting on the jetty, looking into the lake, jumping into the water and swimming, sitting on the lawn, sweating in the sauna for some time…or just sitting comfortably on the sofas, on the pallets, on the benches around the campfire and talking to old and new friends.

Friday morning we opened the festival. 85 men for four days… what a powerful group.

Some men slept outside because we didn’t have single rooms available or because they live nearby. The Spitzmühle was very well occupied, some of us slept in tents or in the camper as usual. Most of the team members slept in the ostrich barn accompanied by a lovely snoring concert.

In the opening ritual everyone met everyone for a short time… A look in the eyes, a movement, a touch, a breath, a bow – the opening ritual is a powerful exercise that creates a common space right at the beginning of the festival. The space of acceptance, respect and being there for each other accompanies everyone throughout these days.

After that, there were a total of 32 workshops over the four days of Summer Evolution Spitzmühle. The introductory workshops were given by Michael Rolnick with “Ill tell you what i want, what really really want!” and Txema with “Receiving and giving according to Betty Martin”. These workshops are essential for all men who come to us for the first time and for all experienced men they are a welcome repetition on the topics of setting and respecting boundaries, learning to express one’s own needs and wishes and communicating successfully about one’s own concerns.

Each morning started with relaxing yoga sessions by Krishnadas and Txema.
New in the programme were workshops by Valentin (“In the Freshness of the Blind Ocean”), Laurie King (“Circling” and “Embodied Relationship”), Simon Magnus (“Holding from the Heart” and “Playful Intimacy”), Stefan (“Trance – Searching for the Power Animal” and “Healing Ritual with a Raw Egg”), Rodrigo (“Sensation Play” as well as “Talking to Your Body”, together with the deaf Martin), Michael (“Beyond the Mask” and the “Queer Circus Cabaret”), Robert van Ravens (“Sacred Masculine”) and Thomas (“Pleasurable Ageing in Good Company”). Some evergreens were refined, such as Thorsten’s Trance Dance, Cacao Ritual, Taoist Energy Circle or Robert’s Nipple Whisper and beyond.
A special sensual highlight was Rodrigo’s guided temple on Sunday evening.

All in all, the Summer Evolution Festival at the Neue Spitzmühle was an unforgettable experience. It combined movement, creativity, art, touch, intimate moments, spiritual experience, nature and community in a way that deeply impressed me.
I am already looking forward to next year and can’t wait to share this unique experience again.