Last Sunday we were at the wonderful location of our summer events, the Spitzmühle in Strausberg, to take down the big tent where we host workshops during Summer Evolution and Summer Eros.

Not so much has changed since we were there last August, but it was beautiful to see the place with its autumn clothes on, with the many colourful leaves on the trees painting a very pretty picture.

The sweet people there built a new platform on one of the trees, where it is possible to sleep – well, maybe not in this season… but sleeping on top of a tree during a warm summer night sounds really lovely to us. You probably won’t catch Thomas up there very often though… as he got afraid of heights going up on the shaky ladder!

On the dock next to the lake there was also a small inflatable swimming pool filled with ice, with water at about 1 degree, and our brave cook Mark managed to stay in there for three whole minutes.

Bathing in cold water is actually very beneficial, especially for your immune system, to fight inflammation and against muscle pain.

Looking forward to see you by the sparkling lake, this coming August.