Are you curious about a moving, connecting shamanic experience? The Rainbow Warriors and Shamanic Eros workshops are for all men who would like to experience exploring, touching and perceiving beautiful tribal rituals together in a queer group.

Robert leads this group with great dedication and passion. Supported by his diverse experiences, which he was allowed to gather during his numerous journeys, he creates a magical space in which you can let yourself fall. You can connect with healing totem animals, sing with your queer brothers. You can experience healing bodywork, dance and feel a wonderful community.

We recommend taking both workshops and feeling the power of magical community on both days. Your heart will rejoice and you will be very grateful for the gift you have given yourself! If you don’t have time for both, you can also book only one of the two days, write us at and we will send you a discount code.

If you want to read more about Robert:

The workshop will take place in Cologne on 11 + 12 February and in Berlin on 18 + 19 February. Click here to be taken to the workshop page where you can book your spot.