This workshop is an invitation for an initiatic journey that will drive you from your worst nightmare… to your most shameful fantasies.

Your worst nightmares because it will enable to touch your fears, your shame, other people’s judgments as well as your own, your guiltiness and many other uncomfortable emotions. Your fantasies because it enables access to a space of free expression, of free sharing space regarding the deepest desires of abandon.

The FISTival workshop is about a special modality of body experience with anal penetration: the fist fucking. The anal penetration is already a pleasure apart from sensual body experience. It is/was condemned by certain cultures at different periods of human history. However, it was also used in rituals like fraternity incorporation and it became a sacred act. The fist fucking is going further in the symbolic act. It enables to connect with your deepest fears, the most intense, the most archetypal. It is usually associated with pornography, with sexual perversion, with violent praxis, with moral judgments. Nevertheless, fist fucking is also a ritual of passage in the consciousness of your body and its infinite possibilities of feeling. It become also a passage to spirutality considered in its tantra dimension. It plays with the roles of giver (fister) / receiver (fistee) and the deep confident, trusty and safe communion space created between the two persons. These are all the dimensions explored within this workshop.

The workshop will be divided into 3 sequences: it starts with a group conversation where each participant is invited to express his own representation of the praxis, his projections, his fantasies without any judgment, his own experience, the meaning that each one gives to the praxis steps as well as the relationship dimension, the sacred and spiritual aspects. In a second step, the participants are invited to explore the praxis without any intention of reaching a successful result: starting with an anal massage with progressing to what is possible in the intimate space created by the fister/fistee pair.  Note that the session is done in full consciousness, meaning without any alcohol, drug or poppers. In a third and last step, a feedback space is proposed for each participant to express his personal discoveries related with the experience, the context, the relationship with his own body, with the partner, with the sensuality and the pleasure.

The whole journey is done in a respectful space, with trust and confidentiality. A love lounge will be available for the participants wishing to do a pause during the session. It is a closed workshop meaning it is not possible to integrate the group after the process started, and it is not possible to be an external voyeur to preserve the participants’ intimacy.

This is a workshop created by Joao, and is part of the offer for our Summer Evolution Festival which will take place from the 7th till the 10th of August near Berlin. You can find more infos or book on the event page and read about our approach to a safe gathering in the summer of Coronavirus in our previous post.