This time “the Art of Anal pleasure” in Cologne was amazingly adult.

The group was very connected by their intention to be there. They all wanted to know their anus better and the options of pleasure in this area. They wanted to explore themselves and explore the others. They were training partners on an anal pleasure journey, respecting their boundaries and respecting other men`s boundaries and in this way a feeling of love was emerging very quick in the whole group. Self Love and self respect turned into Love and respect for the others and their needs, desires and personal life story.

Together we learned about the Anatomy of the Anus and anal area, about anal cleansing methods and shared our wisdom and “accidents” that we had in the past. We shared our anal history which is often about shame, taboo and fears. For most men there is a lot of confusion around this part of our body. On one hand it seems like gay men are fucking all the time as we see in millions of porn films. On the other hand so many obstacles are in the way like shame , guilt and fear or just SHIT in the wrong moment. So how do we coordinate all the elements to have a joyful and satisfying sex life ? All 12 men in the group made a very big step on their path to anal pleasure, everybody in another way. One men is already into fisting but discovered that the human and spiritual connection is the real magic thing when another man is playing with his asshole and inside. For another men it was a huge revelation that something can enter him at all without pain and even giving pleasure. On the first day it was a Finger and a prostate Massage, on the second day he discovered his new favourite Toy that he is going to buy soon and actually it is quite big 😉 It stimulates at the same time the prostate, the anal sphincter and the perineum with different vibrations.

Of course it was brought to the workshop by our favourite anal specialist and Trainer Hanns.



If you ever book a Workshop or Massage with Hanns in Munich you may try a lot of different Toys 😉

One of my favourite moments of the weekend was the sharing about “shit accidents”. How do you react if shit comes in the way of having sex? Most men are actually much more relaxed about it then we assume. Usually there is a bigger fear of our own shit coming in the way then the shit of the partner. So again it is more the shame then the shit itself. Most men said they do not have a big problem about it, they would clean it and go on with the sex as soon as possible. I am not talking about men with a fetish for shit, just a group of gay man talking about sex.

This is not only my experience in this Anal Weekend but from many years of experience in Workshops and 1 on 1 Tantra Sessions. If you enjoy anal sex it will happen once in a while and you can easy clean it 😉

But of course we all love to be clean and there is also a lot of confusion about the cleaning Topic, because of this i add a wonderful informative and funny link here.

How to clean your ass before anal sex?

So back to our Workshop in Cologne.

We learned a lot about anal pleasure, we learned to give and receive prostate Massage, we had a fantastic session of trying different Toys in a big circle with fun and pleasure. And of course there was a place for Meditation, Movement and emotional release.

Thank you Hanns for your support, you always make our work much more easy and beautiful.

Thank you to the wonderful men for being exactly who you are, let your Heart and Anus shine bright.

LOVE THORsten Sheranius