Since a while I organize Tantra evenings in Munich and would like to tell you about the past ones:

Now my 5th Tantra Evening has come to an end and we have experienced a magical evening. For each evening I have chosen a new theme, where I offer 2-3 small exercises on the theme. We start the evening with a little meditation and then I ask two questions, which everyone can answer if they want.

The focus of the evening is on meditation, massage exercises, Tao Kung Fu, conversations and all kinds of other (body) exercises, inviting you to join in. After a first exercise we make a small refreshment break. And after the break I show 1-2 exercises, which I instruct. The evening ends with a round together (around 23h) and offers everyone to stay there in an “open round”. Depending on their interest, the majority stayed longer in order to enjoy the end of the evening.


In order to create a protected room for us, I provide with all a verbal contract:

  • Everything that happened in the evening remains between us (of course it can be told about the evening, but no persons may be recognized!).
  • Everything we do, we do in responsibility towards ourselves and all participants.
  • We pay attention to ourselves and all participants
  • We respect our own limits and those of others.
  • We try to be attentive in the here and now

The past evenings were very intense and the group always “found” each other very quickly (in minutes!) and there was an almost magical familiarity among each other.

The evenings I offer should support you in the following points:

  • To show you new ways to yourself
  • New ways to connect with others (away from the club, bar, sauna offers of the city)
  • Strengthen your self-confidence
  • Show a “new” kind of group affiliation
  • Get to know new, loving men and stay connected
  • Showing new ways to give and receive love
  • Answer questions about Tantra
  • to help you with questions about “Safer Sex
  • Experience a “first” insight into the tantric way of life

Have you got desire? Here you will find my evenings for this year!