A week of escape before winter in the breathtaking landscapes of Las Palomas and the mountains of Gran Canaria, with loving people for some erotic “learn and play”, trained teachers who will also accompany you in bodywork and meditative relaxation for your growth… This is what our week in Gran Canaria offers, with great local food to nourish your body, surrounded by the beautiful nature and the rocky green mountains of the Eco Tara Retreat Center. After the workshop, we will go to the sand dunes, the calming sea and much more to feel satisfaction in every dimension.

The days begin with a gentle yoga practice and silent meditation for mental and physical flexibility, while in the afternoon Pilates classes focus on strengthening and rejuvenating your body – all with ease and good humour from our trainers.

Two tantric sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening, bring you closer to the other and to yourself through free erotic play based on inner and outer touch. Our teachers will prepare a variety of activities and exercises for a deep physical and spiritual pleasure, which we do not yet want to reveal completely, in order to keep a moment of surprise.

At the end of the retreat it will be possible to stay with us for three additional nights to explore the island freely, to deepen the connection with the group or simply to enjoy the sun and the nightlife. During these days the accommodation will be in Mas Palomas – so that we can comfortably walk to the gay beach. We might be able to rent contiguous apartments for the group if we have enough people in time.

For more information just ask us. ☺

At the moment flights are still very cheap, so this is a good chance to secure a nice holiday; we promise you an exciting and unforgettable week of self-discovery, which will recharge you to face the rest of the winter with colour!